The Best Guide To Auctions and Bidding

Individuals Bidding and Performing on Behalf of Themselves. Each Online Bidder registering to utilize or otherwise utilizing the Site, Application and/or Services and claiming to be acting in a private capacity might act just on behalf of himself or herself and not on behalf of other people. People Bidding and Acting on Behalf of an Entity. In case any of the foregoing representations set forth in this Section 3. g are incorrect, then the individual making such inaccurate representation( s) will be personally accountable for all commitments of the Online Bidder (whether such person is acting upon behalf of himself or herself, another person, an Entity, or POA Grantor under these Online Bidding Conditions as well as any Purchase Contract to be participated in as an outcome of such specific having actually positioned a Winning Bid, as if such individual had actually signed or otherwise consented to be bound by these Online Bidding Terms and Conditions in such individual’s specific capability, and the Deposit Balance (as defined herein) shall be treated as if paid by the private and used in accordance with these Online Bidding Terms.

Owners (however will not be needed to) at any time and from time to time demand and get evidence of the foregoing representations, satisfactory to the requesting party in its sole and absolute discretion; nevertheless, the failure to demand such evidence and/or the approval and/or reliance thereon will not ease the person of personal liability in the event that any of the foregoing representations is/are inaccurate.

Fascination About Auctions

In order to place a bid or several quotes for a Home or Characteristics, an Online Bidder must sign up with, and be deemed certified to bid by, Alex Cooper for each Auction. As part of the registration process, for each Auction in which an Online Bidder intends to bid, the Online Bidder will be needed to submit and ensure Alex Cooper’s invoice of a deposit (the “Deposit Balance”) paid or payable in accordance with the arrangements of this Section 4.