If you are planning to buy an auto, it is important to understand that there are various premium factors affecting what you are buying. It is difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction, as other segments although buying an affordable auto you must know what’s ideal for you and not, with the help of differentiating facts from myths!

The various insurance companies such as discovery car insurance and uf insurance waiver are available to help you in order to buy an ideal auto or the automobile/vehicle you desire to!

Here is a list of myths you must stop believing about, right there!

You don’t need an insurance if you are using an old car: 

Old Car
Old Car

This is not true, instead the reality is to protect your vehicle through an insurance plan, whether it is old or new, you will have a feel that the low replacement value of an old car doesn’t justify a comprehensive insurance plan. Always keep in mind that old cars have the high probability of theft, due to the demand of its parts are more easy and prone to get stolen. 

Motor insurance only covers the accidents: 


Stop with this misconception right there! Having an insurance provided by discovery car insurance proves that it covers for all types of accidents, provided you have a valid driving license. With your particular comprehensive auto insurance, you can get full coverage for your vehicle in the event of mechanical faults or damages, theft, flood, terrorism, riots.

Third-party cover is enough for an old car: 

No it’s not enough as you must know in order to buy an affordable auto, your third party is not enough as it only provides and covers the damage your car gets into. It is highly recommended to keep another plan in mind. 

Your insurance covers you for all damages caused by you: 

Usually it does, but not always. specially when you are convicted of drinking and driving or breaking any such law/rule. Your insurer turns down your claim straight away. 

In case of an accident, you will have to pay from your pocket then go through the complex claim process: 

You pay or not, your claim will be reimbursed. Talking about the online insurance, you can visit a network garage and the insurer directly settles the incurred expenses. If you are unable to visit a network garage you can still have and achieve this through various ways, and you can claim for reimbursement later. 

The claiming process is riddled with discrepancy: 

Insurance claim process
Insurance claim process

Never believe this one. The claiming process is not at all difficult, as you can easily apply for the claim, and register it whenever you want. Once your claim is registered online, you will be contacted by the customer care within 24 hours and they will assist you with further formalities too. Keeping in mind, if your vehicle is taken to a garage, the insurer takes care of the claim directly and you don’t have to pay a single penny. 

You can’t change the insurer once you buy one: 

There are multi-year plans which are widely available. This is not the act, but you can easily change your insurer whenever you wish to. You will get back all the benefits whatever you have earned from your previous insurer.

You need to take a separate policy if you have a driver:

Driver showing Licence
Driver showing Licence

It is good to add your driver to your policy as it helps not to require you to have a separate policy for the same. The only thing to be ensured is that the driver has a valid license. If not, the insurer will not consider and accept your claim, in case of any accident that persists.